The Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers have always had a heated rivalry as two of the oldest NFL teams. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers added fuel to the rivalry's fire earlier this year when he yelled “I own you” at Bears fans after scoring a go-ahead touchdown late in the game. Bears tight end Jimmy Graham got brutally honest on the dig from Rodgers.

Bears tight end Jimmy Graham is absolutely right. As notes, Aaron Rodgers is 22-5 in his career as a starter against the Bears. The talented signal-caller has won five straight games against Chicago. That sounds a lot like one party owns the other.

However, the only way for the Bears to truly get even with Rodgers and the Packers is to go out and stop them, as Graham said. Chicago isn't realistically in the running for the playoffs, but they could help to dash Green Bay's title hopes by beating them and making it harder for Rodgers and company to get the number-one seed in the NFC.

If not, Rodgers will just keep on talking trash to the Bears and their fans. But don't expect it to bother Graham, who said he's uttered the same things to teams he's scored on and that he's never been micd up for a reason.

So, from one trash talker to another, Graham has heard what Rodgers said and even though he doesn't play on the defensive side of the ball, plans to do everything to stop the Packers and their quarterback come Sunday.