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Bears superstar Khalil Mack feels Chicago is building something special on defense

Khalil Mack, Bears

Chicago Bears defensive end Khalil Mack has not been shy about expressing high expectations for himself. It appears he plans on holding the rest of his team to that same standard.

The goal for Chicago could not be any higher going into the 2019 NFL season. According to Alyssa Barbieri of the Bears Wire, he feels the defense is starting to come together at this point in the offseason:

“Oh man, it’s fun,” Mack told reporters after Tuesday’s practice. “You have the DBs [defensive backs], the linebackers, the D-line — everything is effort. You can give what you can give, and they go out and do their job. But everybody is making plays.”

Mack elaborated on the importance of having high-energy practices.

“You’ve got to have that cohesiveness,” Mack said. “It’s an energy that you feel when you’re out there, you can’t help but bounce around and feel light, because everybody is flying around to the ball and wants to make a play.”

There is certainly plenty of truth to Mack’s comments. The Bears experienced a resurgence upon his arrival which led them on a solid playoff run, however, the expectations are much higher for them this time around.

There had been some concern about a drop-off following the departure of defensive coordinator Vic Fangio this offseason. Fortunately, new defensive coordinator Chuch Pagano has done a solid job of serving as a viable replacement due to what Mack credits as a certain familiarity Fangio.

Whatever the case, the onus will undoubtedly be on Pagano to ensure that this talented group continues to play at a high level.