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Responses to broken plays a central focus for Bears QB Mitch Trubisky in 2019

Mitchell Trubisky, Bears

The Chicago Bears have full confidence in starting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky — head coach Matt Nagy included. Not only that, but Nagy believes that the up-and-coming signal caller remains primed for an improve season in 2019-20.

While his soon-to-be third-year quarterback continues to grow as a NFL player, Nagy knows that Trubisky’s responses to broken plays could be key next season.

“One of the things we want to work with him on now is some of these throws that occur — what 70 percent of the time — you’re working drills and they’re off-balance,” Nagy recently told The Athletic. “You’re never just three, hitch, throw, usually, right? A lot of times it’s a hitch, move out of the pocket, throw on the run-type deal. So now that he can take the first-wide vision, ‘Everyone is lined up right, I get the play call, everything is set, now I can go out and make off-balance throws, off-schedule throws,” that’s what we call them. That’s where we want to see him take that next leap.”

Although the Bears won the division in 2018-19, there is no question that Trubisky could have been better at times.

“There were a couple throws last year that, he will be the first to tell you, he might have thrown it across his body or he threw it into the end zone when we were in the red zone and we got points and it was a little iffy,” Nagy added. “We gotta eliminate those. And there’s others where they might have been somebody that was open that he overthrew. We gotta eliminate those. We wanna hit those. Don’t fool yourself, that is not the only quarterback that is missing those throws. That’s why he has the magnifying glass in our city because it is him, but that goes on throughout the league. To make him a superstar, we gotta have him always been hitting those.”

The Bears will look to return to the top of the NFC North in 2019-20, though the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings might have something to say about that.