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Jalen Reagor

The Bears should take a look at TCU WR Jalen Reagor in the 2020 NFL Draft

The Chicago Bears need another good wide receiver to line up outside next season and it makes a lot of sense for them to take a look at Jalen Reagor out of TCU.

The Bears have Allen Robinson, Taylor Gabriel, and Anthony Miller all under contract through at least next season, but by the end of next season, Reagor could be the best wideout on the receiver corps.

Reagor is an absolute speedster and he could blow away scouts with his 40-yard dash at the NFL combine. The Draft Network gave the following evaluation about Reagor and his strengths.

Super crafty and twitchy to create space for himself in tight quarters. Explosive and dynamic in terms of athletic ability and it leads to big plays on the field. Has impressive moments of body positioning at the catch point. Isn’t the biggest receiver but he has enough thickness to his frame to not be concerned with his size. Love his burst at the top of routes and there are some impressive moments of acceleration to and through the football on tape. Has adequate ball tracking skills and he generally makes good adjustments. Like his creativity post-catch to rip off yardage. Has illustrated the ability to make route adjustments when finding space in zone. Has showcased the ability to take aggressive angles in his release to beat press coverage.

The one big knock on Reagor is with his route tree. He didn’t run a whole lot of different routes in college, but a lot of that could have had to do with his surrounding teammates. At TCU he was no doubt the best player on the field most plays so there was no need to get tricky with what he was doing. Once he gets into the NFL he will need to run different routes, but that shouldn’t be a big issue.

The Bears could have a couple of issues with Reagor if he performs well during the pre-draft process. Reagor is currently slated as a second-round draft pick, which would be best-case scenario. The Bears don’t have a first-round draft pick, so if Reagor’s stock rises, they probably won’t have a chance to draft him.

The other issue for the Bears might be at quarterback. Even with Reagor’s speed if Mitchell Trubisky plays the way he did in 2019 they won’t be taking full advantage of Reagor’s traits because he will probably be missing on easy throws to him.