The landscape of the NBA is going could impact the entire Ben Simmons trade saga going on with the talent and the Philadelphia 76ers.

It is no secret the NBA has been in crisis mode over the last month. Health and safety protocols have run rampant once again, and have left multiple teams with depleted rosters. The league has managed to survive without a stoppage, but things are hanging on by a thread.

While games are still being played, other areas have come to a near screeching halt due to the current landscape. Most notably is the trade market. The NBA trade deadline is about six weeks away, and the rumor mill is dead silent.

This minor halt on trade discussions might not bother some teams, but it greatly impacts the Philadelphia 76ers. When the deadline rolls around, Daryl Morey will be forced to make a big decision in regards to Ben Simmons. Either trade the former no. 1 pick for the best package or carry things into the offseason.

Morey already has a big enough task on his plate. The NBA’s current state of affairs is only making his job harder. A majority of front office’s top priority is making sure they have enough players to take the court each night, let alone make a trade at a time like this.

Trades can come together in the blink of an eye and fall apart just as fast, especially in a potential Simmons trade that is sure to involve multiple teams and countless moving pieces. One player entering protocol could be a small gust of wind that makes the entire house of cards fall.

There is also another element playing a factor in halted talks. At this point in the year, teams typically have had enough games under their belt to properly gauge themselves. From there, they can decide on being a buyer or the seller come the deadline. In a crazed season like this, that is not the case.

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Because of the mass amounts of players being sidelined by protocol, no team has been able to properly assess themselves. They are either facing off against depleted rosters on a nightly basis or forced to play shorthanded themselves. Front offices need to see their team fully healthy for a good stretch before making a drastic change like trading for a player like Ben Simmons.

Morey is just a victim of circumstance right now. Because of the way things are, signing a guy to a 10-day contract holds priority over trade discussions. Front offices league-wide are likely playing the short game until things inch closer to normality.

Business is sure to pick up as the deadline gets closer, but this past month has certainly put a damper on things. Until the NBA has regained control over the mess they find themselves in, it is doubtful we get any closer to the end of the Ben Simmons saga in Philadelphia.