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BIG 3 video: Gary Payton gets down teaching pick-and-roll defense

Gary Payton

Ten years have passed since the last time Gary Payton was on the hardwood, but his elite defensive instincts haven’t left him. The 49-year-old now is getting down and dirty, teaching his 3-Headed Monsters some high-level pick-and-roll defense, but doing so with more than his clipboard. He’s being hands-on during every step of what he’s doing, hoping they can put out on the court.

Payton’s team can play spoiler and end Trilogy’s undefeated streak in Saturday’s BIG3 championship live finale at the MGM Garden Arena, but they will only do so by playing elite-level defense after their opponents moved on to the finals with an 11-point win.

A 17-year NBA veteran, Payton emphasized the lack of communication in the pick-and-roll defense and how he wants his lone guard, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, to be physical and command the space and get through the gaps of the defense, minimizing any slippage on defense.

Payton even stripped the ball from his own team for good measure.

The Glove counts with league MVP Rashard Lewis and big man Kwame Brown, who will be entrusted to carry the bulk of the scoring and make the necessary adjustments to contain the trio of Kenyon Martin, Al Harrington and Rashad McCants.