Chicago Blackhawks star forward Jonathan Toews is in the last year of his current deal, so rumors about him potentially getting unloaded via a trade by the only team he's played so far in the NHL are always going to be floating around. When Mark Lazerus of The Athletic joked (sort of?) about the idea of the Blackhawks sending Toews to the Colorado Avalanche, Chicago general manager Kyle Davidson was not able to respond to it directly, instead opting to speak glowingly of the player's intangibles.

“No comment (laughs). But I think those are things people are going to think about, right? And that’s outside of what we can control. But he’s been an amazing leader as always with this group. I think he’s been one of the main reasons for our success early on with the production, and then also just the leadership and how he’s brought the group together — different things like putting together some team-building stuff off the ice. He’s been great about that. He has a lot of value for us. How that manifests itself moving forward with other teams checking in, we’ll see. But we’re not there yet.”

It should be noted that Jonathan Toews has a no-trade clause, so he will have the final say on whether he'd be okay with getting sent to a particular team. The Avalanche don't seem to be a bad destination, though, considering that it is a legitimate Stanley Cup contender, having won it all just a season ago.

Jonathan Toews, who signed an eight-year deal worth $84-million extension with the Blackhawks in 2014, has seven goals and three assists so far in the 2022-23 NHL season.