Time and time again, Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard reiterated this summer that he plans to stay put, despite the trade rumors surrounding his future with the team. In his latest album, Dame talked about his loyalty to the Blazers. Then in a recent Instagram Live, he answered the question again. However, what he said at the end was interesting, to say the least:

“Not right now at least” leaves a lot of intrigue and will likely excite a lot of teams across the NBA who would love to have Lillard on their roster. The Blazers didn't exactly do a great job of adding legitimate pieces around their franchise star in Free Agency, which is probably part of the reason Dame said this in the first place.

He wants to win a championship with the Blazers but to be frank, they're a long way off that right now. Lillard deserves to be competing on the big stage given the type of things he's done in his career, too. With that being said, unless they make a deep run in the postseason, there's definitely a good chance that Damian Lillard bolts for greener pastures in search of a ring next summer. Time will well, though.