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Brad Stevens defends Jae Crowder, saying he regrets getting into it with fans

Brad Stevens, Jae Crowder

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens is doing his part to save face for his defensive ace Jae Crowder, as he said the small forward regrets the comments he made over social media.

Crowder used Twitter as a means to vent about Boston fans cheering on Utah Jazz small forward Gordon Hayward, who scored a team-high 23 points in a loss to the Celtics. Once a fan tweeted a suggestion that Crowder should “love or leave” the city of Boston, Crowder replied “I have no problem “leaving” in a since-deleted tweet.

“I talked to Jae this morning and the first thing he said was he wished he wouldn’t have expressed himself like that,” Stevens told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Zoiak & Bertrand.

Like it’s this very case in many sports-heavy cities, fans can be extremists at times and become hostile toward players that are giving their all to win games, as it’s been the case in Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York, among other cities.

“We talk all the time about embracing the expectations of being an athlete here in Boston,” Stevens added. “This city is such a tremendous sports town and offers our guys such an opportunity to grow, and feel those banners above us and the expectations of really being a team-first player and playing as hard as you can.”

“A lot of guys have embraced it, and I’m not sure guys have embraced it as much as Jae over the last two years. I was surprised to see what he tweeted, because every day he comes in, you can tell he is thankful to be a Celtic.”

Stevens’ words are just a good tactical move to calm the waters, but in reality, it has nothing to do with what actually went down.

A few fans’ sense of entitlement got way over their head and decided it would be okay to cheer for an opposing player at warmups in hopes to make a statement. Crowder defended his spot by letting the fan know that if they really want Hayward, they can have him and he’ll be happy to be elsewhere where the fans appreciate him.

Nothing wrong with that. Just a PR move to keep the 21-14 Celtics’ good vibes after another win at the TD Garden.

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