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Bryan Colangelo insists that the Sixers are no longer in rebuild mode

Bryan Colangelo

New 76ers manager Bryan Colangelo is bringing change to Philadelphia, starting with the way of thinking.

He told Tom Moore of the Burlington County Times that the team is no longer in rebuild mode:

“It’s time to put rebuilding in the rearview mirror and start building. t’ll become obvious the steps we take will have favorable consequences. We want to put ourselves in a position to make incremental steps forward. There’s not a magic bullet unless there’s an incredible deal out there to move things along.”

Colangelo has ideas on how to make the building happen as well:

“A team in our situation probably needs to be willing to overpay…A lot of things go into the selection of a player you sign as a free agent. If it means we overpay, maybe we go on a shorter term for higher dollars. One thing we don’t want is to be locked in to mediocrity.”

Although the Sixers probably won’t be title contenders anytime soon, Colangelo at least looks to be taking the team in the right direction.

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