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Caron Butler thinks Bucks should have been fined $10 million for Giannis Antetokounmpo supermax gaffe


Caron Butler wasn’t a big fan of the NBA fining the Milwaukee Bucks $50,000 for self-tampering, after general manager Jon Horst admitted during a town hall meeting that the franchise indeed planned to dole out a supermax contract for star Giannis Antetokounmpo. Butler agrees with the sentiment, but feels the fine should have been stiff enough to scare other teams from doing the same.

“Why would you announce it?,” asked Butler during a segment with Yahoo Sports’ The Rush. “Everyone knows you’re going to sign him to a super max contract. So shame on you for that. I think it should have been $10 million. I’m just putting it out.”

The league made clear that the fine was “for violating league rules governing the timing of discussions regarding future player contracts and permissible commitments to players” — and by announcing this would-be supermax at a public setting, it violated rules of the new-made agreement between the Board of Governors and the NBA.

The Bucks likely won’t sweat $50,000 if it winds up getting them their homegrown star, but the truth of the matter is that the announcement at a town hall meeting — one Antetokounmpo likely wasn’t watching — would have little effect on the star, but it was more to entice season ticket holders to continue their support of the small market franchise.

As Butler pointed out, the recently-minted MVP knows he will get his money if Milwaukee wants him to stay — so consider this $50,000 fine a relative birdshot from the NBA before the buckshot is fired at those who plan to really tamper with the new rules.