Bucks news: Nikola Mirotic explains how getting traded is tough for him and his family
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Bucks’ Nikola Mirotic explains how getting traded is tough for him and his family

Nikola Mirotic, Bucks, Pelicans

Nikola Mirotic has been traded in back-to-back seasons. The stretch forward was dealt by the Chicago Bulls to the New Orleans Pelicans last season, and shipped to the Milwaukee Bucks this season.

Mirotic, who has a wife and son, says he is still not used to trades because they never happened in Europe, where he began his professional basketball career.

“It was my family. Maybe it I was living alone, it’d be easier,” Mirotic said, via Andrew Greif and Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times. “You grab the basic stuff and you move on. But I’m a married guy. My wife is pregnant. We have a son, 4 years old. It’s our life and we all have to move.

“Everything changed. We’re not used to that. In Europe, there are no trades. When you sign a contract with someone, it’s final. There’s no way they can move you. It’s a contract.”

This is the common thing the average fan doesn’t take into consideration when players are traded. They are human beings as well.

The player has to find a new place to live, learn new streets, and sell his old house. Then you have players like Nikola Mirotic, who have families to take care of. You often hear athletes say that telling their kids they have to change schools and leave their friends is the hardest part about getting traded.

Mirotic is probably settled in with the Bucks now, and he’s on a team which has a good chance to advance to the NBA Finals.