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Chicago could consider Ricky Rubio, Darren Collison, Patrick Beverley before Derrick Rose in free agency

Bulls, Derrick Rose

The Chicago Bulls will take an introspective look into their roster at the end of the season, a definite need to evaluate the talent at hand after efforts to rebuild the team. The possibility of Derrick Rose’s return to The Windy City was one in the minds of his longtime fans.

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune wouldn’t rule out a D-Rose return to his native Chicago during a Q&A with fans, but made sure to note there were better options on the market for the Bulls.

Question: “Do you see the door being open for a possible return for Derrick Rose this summer? He’d seemingly be a great fit for what they need and be a chance for a great redemption story.”

Answer: “I wrote a column in late January advocating for this move that engendered plenty of reaction. My sense after writing the piece was that it wasn’t out of the question. Since then, though Rose has endured more injuries, which would make this less of a possibility. There are other options In Ricky Rubio, Darren Collison and Patrick Beverley.”

Rose is a much better-looking option after revitalizing his career with the Minnesota Timberwolves, yet he’s been out of action since March 10, recently undergoing successful arthroscopic surgery to remove bone chips from his right elbow.

Arthroscopies, in layman terms, aren’t good at all — as they are procedures performed in previously operated parts of the body, most of them considered as “clean-up” or “residue removal” surgeries.

Rose has had at least three arthroscopic procedures, two of them in his bothersome knee dating back to the early years of his career.

Point guards around his age like Rubio, Collison and Beverley have much healthier scar tissue and have gone under the knife way less than Rose, making them a safer bet than the 2011 NBA MVP.

The Bulls are expected to operate for the good of the franchise, not for the sake of sentimental issues from the fans — making Rose a long-shot, unless the aforementioned guards are quickly scooped up from the free agent market.