Dennis Rodman is perhaps one of the most well-known Chicago Bulls players, and for good reason. After a long time with the Detroit Pistons, “The Worm” decided to join forces with Michael Jordan and co. Rodman immediately made a name for himself with his hustle and defense. Rodman was critical to Chicago's three championships, and it can be argued that without him they wouldn't have won at all.

Not only did Rodman help the Bulls achieve legendary status, but it seems like the team helped Rodman as well. When the legendary forward made his way back to the United Center as part of AEW's show, the legend had this to say about his time in Chicago.

“Thank god they love someone who worked their a*s off and I hope the city of Chicago would love me as much as I love them.”

In a rather classic Dennis Rodman move, the legend's return to the United Center was not in any way related to basketball. Instead, the Bulls star returned as part of AEW's Collision show held there. Rodman was part of the show, showing up for a promo. More surprisingly, it was revealed that this wouldn't be a one-off thing: Rodman would be part of The Acclaimed's match in All Out tomorrow. Talk about one hell of a return for Rodman!

Dennis Rodman first started his career with the Pistons (ironically, as a rival of Jordan's Bulls). He was part of the famed team that gave Jordan fits with their Jordan rules, and Rodman was at the helm of the operation, so to speak. After a stint with the Spurs, the Worm took his talents to Illinois. There, he became a legend, helping power the Bulls to their second three-peat. Rodman is considered as the greatest rebounding forward, and his hustle and commitment led to some truly legendary moments.