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Michael Jordan punched Will Perdue, more teammates during Bulls practices

Bulls, Michael Jordan, Will Perdue

If you did not think that Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan was one of the most competitive guys in the planet after watching the first half of “The Last Dance” docu-series, then you probably weren’t watching it right.

Jordan was so competitive that he went all out even during practice, so much so that one of his former Bulls teammates, Will Perdue, admitted that His Airness once punched him during practice. Moreover, as it turns out, Perdue was not the only victim of Jordan’s unparalleled competitiveness.

“He did, and I wasn’t the only one,” the Ex-Bulls center said in the wake of Episodes 5 and 6 of “The Last Dance,” via CBS Sports HQ. “That’s how competitive our practices were. That wasn’t the only fight, that was one of numerous. But because it involved Michael Jordan, and it leaked out, that it became a big deal. And the funny thing was, in that practice that it happened, we basically separated, regrouped and kept practicing — it wasn’t like that was the end of practice. Stuff like that was common, because that’s how competitive our practices were.”


Perdue did not seem to take the incident too personally though, and according to him, that this was just one of many scuffles within the Bulls during practice. For the 7-foot big man, incidents such as this appeared to have become run of the mill.

Previously, Golden State Warriors head coach and former Bulls guard Steve Kerr also narrated a similar tale. He too was on the receiving end of a Jordan jab during practice.

Well, it seems that was the price players had to pay in order to play alongside the GOAT.