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RUMOR: Jim Boylen’s HR file a mess, includes messy run-in with Bulls chef

Jim Boylen

After what felt like an eternity, the Chicago Bulls finally gave now-former head coach Jim Boylen the ax, officially terminating his contract with the organization. As it turns out, however, this decision might just not be all about his sub-par performance as a coach.

According to reports, Boylen’s HR file has been troublesome, to say the least:

Yikes. That’s not a good look for Boylen, and it certainly doesn’t bode well for his future in the league. How he hasn’t exactly gotten along with the players on his own team has been a poorly kept secret, but the fact that he seems to have a knack for getting into it with random members of the organization makes all this even worse.

To be fair to Boylen, no further details of his verbal run-in with a tea chef were provided, so it would be completely unfair to judge him (even more than we already have) based on this single report. It might very well be the case that Boylen is impartially being painted in a bad light without substantial proof.

Then again, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together. Clearly, Boylen was not the most loved personality within the organization, and it cannot be denied that there are more than a few other members — including perhaps a number of prominent players on the squad — that are pleased with Chicago’s decision to cut ties with Boylen.

The 55-year-old parts ways with the Bulls with a 39-84 record over the span of two incomplete seasons.