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Teammate agrees that Cardinals’ Josh Rosen is “too smart for his own good”

The Arizona Cardinals and Josh Rosen had a rough 2018 season, which was Rosen’s rookie campaign under center. The Cardinals have a tough choice to make on whether to move forward with Rosen, since they hold the number one pick in this year’s draft.

In an article for The Athletic, Dan Duggan spoke to an anonymous player on the Cardinals about Rosen. The player confirmed the young quarterback can be “too smart for his own good,” as some have said before.

The unnamed player said Rosen is a good teammate despite murmurs that he isn’t. Here’s an excerpt from the conversation with the anonymous Cardinals player:

The player said that Rosen is a good guy despite persistent murmurs that he’s a bad teammate. The player said that Rosen is a different guy, however, with a “f*** it” attitude when he makes a mistake. Like most things with Rosen, how that attitude is perceived is a matter of perspective.

The player viewed it as a positive because Rosen’s self-confidence prevented him from getting discouraged during a rough rookie season. But the player conceded that Rosen’s apparent indifference to mistakes could bother coaches.

One of the knocks on Rosen leading into last year’s draft was that he was “too smart for his own good,” and the player confirmed that can be the case. “It’s football,” he said. “Sometimes you just need to dumb it down.”

The player went on to say that Rosen could rub coaches the wrong way by asking “why” when being given reads in the offense. Coaches who have a set system in place may not like that.

The player also praised Rosen for the way he carried himself during a tumultuous season. Lastly, the player said the youthful quarterback coped well, emotionally and otherwise, with a bad offensive line.

Josh Rosen may not be with the Cardinals in 2019 — not if they draft Kyler Murray. Yet, Rosen still has a ton of potential and can show he does with a better supporting cast around him, in Arizona or wherever else he might land.