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Carmelo Anthony impresses Metta World Peace in Phil Jackson issue

Carmelo Anthony and New York Knicks‘ president Phil Jackson have been making a lot of news lately with regards to their much-publicized disagreement.

Jackson has called out his team’s star forward for holding on to the ball too long, which has caused their offense to become slower. Anthony fired back with two posts on social media that are directed to the 71-year-old front office executive.

Despite the exchange, one player who knows Jackson well enough, has been impressed with how Anthony handles the situation and understands what he needs to do to bring positivity back in New York.

Metta World Peace recently talked about how great he thinks Anthony has responded, and who he reminds him of from his Los Angeles Lakers days under Jackson’s tutelage.

“Phil’s going to push you. He’s going to see where your mind’s at. And Melo responded well. I’ve seen the comments. I like the fact that Melo didn’t back down. I like the fact that Melo did have some competitive comments and he went back at Phil. So it reminded me of when Kobe [Bryant] went back at Phil.”

World Peace also recalled his stint with the Knicks and believes Jackson made his comments to fire up Anthony.

“When I was there, everybody was so tense. They need that little shake-up. And they’re playing well. They started out rough, and now they’re playing well. And Melo responded and he’s playing the right way. He’s playing much better.”

“When something’s wrong, you just address it. And Phil’s not going to hold punches. And I think it’s great . . . He [doesn’t care]. That’s what he wants. He wants that.”

The New York faithful can only be thankful that the two men have finally talked it over. The Knicks are currently on pace to make the playoffs for the first time in four years and do not need any distractions off the court to ruin their momentum.