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Cedric Ceballos out of the hospital after lengthy COVID-19 battle

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Former NBA star Cedric Ceballos was in the hospital for a while in a tough battle with COVID-19, and the way he tells it, he was very close to not making it. However, his latest update is a joyous one.

Ceballos took to Twitter Tuesday to announce that he’s out of the hospital “after 20 straight days on death row.” He made sure to thank all the doctors and nurses who got him through the dark times:

Cedric Ceballos first posted an update on his bout with COVID-19 two weeks ago, and things weren’t looking good. While he tried to stay upbeat, it was clear that he was struggling with the virus and there was a chance he wouldn’t make it.

Ceballos returned with a more positive update about a week later, officially announcing that he was free of COVID. However, he still wasn’t functioning on his own yet, so there was still a tough hill to climb.

Now, another week after that, Cedric Ceballos is out of the hospital and back at home.

It’s great to see the former NBA All-Star in much better condition. Let’s hope he’s totally over his COVID issues and will be healthy moving forward.