The Boston Celtics quest for history fell apart in crushing fashion on Monday night in Game 7 of their Eastern Conference Finals series against the Miami Heat. Faced with a chance to become the first team to overcome a 3-0 series deficit in NBA history, the Celtics crawled their way to a 103-84 loss, officially eliminating themselves from postseason contention.

While the Celtics do deserve some credit for fighting their way back in the series, the end result is wildly disappointing. Boston was heavily favored to beat Miami entering the series, and even entering Game 7. But they came out with a pretty awful performance when faced with a chance to punch their ticket to the Finals and make history in the process, and that will now set the stage for what could be a chaotic offseason.

After another deep playoff run that failed to yield a championship, it's clear the Celtics need to change things up this offseason, and pretty much all the cards will be on the table. Boston has some big trade assets to work with, so if they want to bounce back and finally win a championship next year, let's look at two trades they need to make.

2. Trade Marcus Smart for a two-way frontcourt player

Entering the season, it was clear that the Celtics had a bountiful amount of guard depth, with Malcolm Brogdon being brought in to play behind Marcus Smart and Derrick White. This trio was solid for the season, but given how their campaign just ended, chances are all three of them won't be back next year.

Smart had an up-and-down postseason for Boston (as did the entire team, really) but it feels like his time with the club has run its course. Brogdon was obviously playing injured for pretty much the entire Heat series, but White was probably the C's second best player behind Tatum. When everyone is fully healthy, it's tough to justify starting Smart over both Brogdon and White.

Boston still has Payton Pritchard on their bench behind these two, so moving Smart to pick up a two-way frontcourt player to bolster that area of their rotation is key. Whether it's another wing player to come in behind Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, or a power forward/center hybrid to potentially replace Grant Williams, there are avenues to use Smart to improve this team.

Smart's grit and heart are obviously huge for the Celtics, but White and Brogdon are simply superior players. Smart's defense took a step back this season, and when he's not making game-changing plays on that end of the ball to counteract his absurd shooting, it's tough to give him minutes. Freeing up bigger roles for White and Brogdon should be a goal, and moving Smart would ensure that happens.

1. Trade Jaylen Brown for another star player to pair with Jayson Tatum

This is the big one. We have seen the Tatum and Brown duo try to win a title for quite some time now, and they continually cannot break through to do so. Brown was awful against the Heat, and after he couldn't step up to take over for Tatum, who suffered a pretty debilitating ankle injury on the first possession of the game, it's become painstakingly clear that Brown is not what this team needs to win a title.

Trading Brown is largely necessary because of the $295 million supermax deal he can attain. Chances are Brown won't settle for anything less than that, and after this series, there's no justification in giving him that sort of money. If that's what it comes down to, trading Brown is what the team needs to do.

The most appealing option would be to trade Brown for another star, but finding a player who is a straight up match for him is tough. The top name many fans have looked to so far is Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers, but other potential names to keep an eye on in this area would be guys like Bradley Beal, Mikal Bridges, and maybe even Anthony Davis depending on what the Los Angeles Lakers decide to do this offseason.

The other option would be to bring in younger talent in exchange for Brown. Another deal being discussed, also involving the Trail Blazers, would see them give the C's the third overall pick in the draft and Anfernee Simons in exchange for Brown, with the third pick likely being used on Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller. It may not be the most straightforward path, but Simons has shown potential to become a superstar player, and adding the third overall pick in this talented draft class could be a big win too.

Unless Brown is willing to accept a significant pay cut on an extension this offseason, the Celtics need to trade him in order to avoid potentially losing him for nothing next offseason. There are several avenues to consider here, but it's clear the duo of Tatum and Brown cannot win a title, which is why moving on from him this offseason makes the most sense.