The Boston Celtics played with fire throughout the 2023 playoffs, and as a result, they got burned and are now in a crucial offseason.

Ironically, the Celtics were scorched by the Miami Heat, as they almost mounted a miraculous comeback in the Eastern Conference Finals but came up just a game short. The Celtics could've avoided a long offseason by playing more consistently, yet instead, they're faced with many weighty questions about the future.

Boston's current core is talented and has made the Eastern Conference Finals in three of the last four seasons. However, this roster hasn't gotten over the hump to raise the elusive Banner No. 18. Despite the absence of a championship, having multiple deep postseason runs isn't a luxury every team enjoys. Because of this, it seems as if Celtics president of basketball operations Brad Stevens is keen on keeping most of the group together:

Regardless of Stevens' comments, the front office should still have a busy offseason with contracts expiring and key players approaching massive deals. So, in order for the Celtics to capture their first championship in over 15 years, here are three major offseason moves they must make prior to the 2023-24 NBA season.

3. Continue to bolster Celtics' coaching staff

Coaching has been a hot topic for Celtics fans, as first-year head coach Joe Mazzulla faced a lot of heat over the course of the 2023 playoffs. Yet, Stevens and others stuck up for him and clarified that he'd return next season.

To support Mazzulla, there needs to be a solid staff around him. Last season, the coaching staff was a bit chaotic, as former assistant Will Hardy was hired by the Utah Jazz and Damon Stoudamire left the Celtics midseason to lead Georgia Tech. Additionally, this offseason former Celtics head coach Ime Udoka is likely going to take multiple Celtics assistants to Houston:

All this turnover has made Boston's coaching situation messy, so to regain control Mazzulla and the front office should bring in their own people. The Celtics have already started the process, as they recently hired former Celtics champion Sam Cassell.

Cassell has championship pedigree and has won on the NBA's biggest stage three times, something most of this Celtics staff and roster haven't done at all. This is an impressive hire, but hopefully it's just the first of many this summer.

The C's have lacked consistency on the court in recent seasons, so perhaps a reinvigorated staff with less turnover can provide some long-overdue stability.

2. Part ways with Payton Pritchard and Grant Williams if the price isn't right

Trade requests are always flying around, making it difficult to decipher what's real and what's a rumor. However, the trade talks surrounding Payton Pritchard are genuine, as the point guard sounds ready to move on from Boston.

The young guard has shown offensive talent in bursts but hasn't had a major opportunity to shine. Boston's guard depth has kept him at the bottom of the roster, so it's about time the C's free up some space by dealing him. It'd be nice to keep him for potential development, yet returning everyone isn't a luxury the Green Team has.

While Pritchard will be a free agent after next season, forward Grant Williams is set to be one this summer. The 24-year-old had an up-and-down year but could still be a valuable bench piece for Boston. If he backs off his previous request of $20 million a year, perhaps the C's can keep him in green. If he's still asking for that annually, letting him walk is probably the way to go.

1. Make Jaylen Brown an offer, but not the supermax

The most important decision of the offseason is what the Celtics should do with Jaylen Brown.

The two-time All-Star could earn more than $290 million dollars with a potential supermax contract. However, after a disappointing playoffs, the Celtics might not want to stake that much of their financial future in the 26-year-old. They'll already have to extend Tatum, and the new CBA isn't doing big-spending teams any favors.

Brown will be a free agent next year and is facing questions about his future in Boston, so letting him walk in 2024 for nothing would be troublesome. Instead, the C's could offer Brown a lesser contract with lots of incentives that's still big money but not a whopping $60 million per year. Whether the 2023 All-NBA representative would accept less than the supermax is the real question, yet it's worth a shot to keep some money freed up for potential roster additions.

Overall, Stevens and the front office seem to want Brown back. Playoff struggles aside, he arguably hasn't even entered his prime and has been a large part of the team's recent success.

No matter what, it'd be foolish to just let Brown go without attempting to work out a deal this offseason.