If you saw Glen Davis play during his time in the NBA, you'd know that he was one of the biggest guys out there. He wasn't the tallest player on the court at 6-foot-9, but with a listed weight of 289 lbs, there's no denying that “Big Baby” was an imposing figure on and off the basketball court. Just ask NBA legend Shaq, who apparently, got himself body-slammed to the floor when he first met Davis.

In a recent interview on VLAD TV, Davis revealed the sensational story of his first meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers icon. According to Big Baby, Shaq immediately asked him to step outside to wrestle the moment they met. Apparently, it did not end well for O'Neal:

“I was infatuated with Shaq at the time,” said Davis. “I feel like I was a Shaq minion. I ended up knowing him because I’m an athlete at LSU … I got a chance to meet the director over there with the scholarships … one of his advisors and went to dinner at [the advisor’s] house eating spaghetti. And Shaq comes out of nowhere and was like, ‘Let’s go outside.’

“[Shaq was] like, ‘Aight, let’s get down [and wrestle],” Davis continued. “So you know how you wrestle, you get into position. So I’m in the position, and I’m grabbing, holding him. Next thing you know, I slam[med] him down like a wrestler. He was like, ‘Got damn. You’re a big a– kid!'” So that’s how me and his relationship really started.”

That's quite astonishing. Davis, who himself won a championship with the Boston Celtics in 2008, is a big dude, but it's honestly hard to imagine him body-slamming a guy like Shaq to the ground. Amazing.