A major bomb was dropped on Monday after reports emerged that the Brooklyn Nets rejected the Boston Celtics' trade offer for Kevin Durant that was centered around Jaylen Brown. Apparently, the Nets did not like what was on the table — something that renowned NBA analyst Chris “Mad Dog” Russo completely agrees with.

Speaking on Monday's episode of First Take, Russo explained why he believes the Celtics will need to make a much better offer if they're serious about trying to bring KD to Boston (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

“Well, the Celtics it makes perfect sense,” Russo said. “For the Nets, I don't like it for them because Brown is almost like a wingman to a big star. And that's assuming Kyrie eventually is gonna leave too. Building your team around Jaylen Brown, what does that get you if your Sean Marks, the general manager of Brooklyn? … He's a very good player, but he's not a guy that you are going to build a championship team around. So as a result I think that doesn't make any sense for them.”

According to reports, the Nets wanted Marcus Smart as part of the deal, but the Celtics weren't taking the bait. This speaks volumes of how much value Boston sees in the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, and on the contrary, how dispensable Jaylen Brown has become for the Celtics.

Be that as it may, it sounds like this deal is just not going to happen. Both teams seem adamant about their respective demands, and it doesn't seem like either of them will budge. This recent development certainly adds more fire to the KD trade rumors, but in truth, it doesn't get Durant any closer to his desire to jump ship.