Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens had the opportunity to see his star point guard Kyrie Irving as the lead star in the movie Uncle Drew alongside his Summer League team in Las Vegas. The 41-year-old admitted he hadn’t been to the movies in a while and didn’t realize that theaters now have the comfortable reclining chairs, one of the main perks despite the now-inflated movie prices.

“I could see where you could just go and watch a couple movies, get a good dinner and desserts, some popcorn, looks like a great night,” said Stevens as a guest in Yahoo Sports NBA podcast, while admitting he enjoyed the movie and thought Irving was great starring in it.

Irving’s movie was ironically being filmed while he demanded a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, as the 6-foot-3 guard received a call from his agent while he was in the middle of filming.

Uncle Drew was originally a character from the Pepsi series that featured Irving as an older streetballer, who would teach youngsters a thing or two on the court. The film, which resembled director Charles Stone III’s life story, was brought to life in the big screen and finally debuted on June 29 on theaters.

Stevens is hoping Irving can bring some of Uncle Drew’s story of redemption along with him to the Celtics, as they are set to take on a wide-open East after missing the team’s last playoff run with a season-ending knee injury.