Gordon Hayward has not played yet after breaking his foot in his first official game in Boston Celtics uniform but he is already attracting attention on and off the court, especially the eyes of four major sneaker brands.

Once he is fully recovered, Hayward's comeback trail from a gruesome injury would serve as an inspiring story sneaker brands would like to tell. As reported by ESPN's Nick DePaula on his Twitter account, right now, the choices are down to four brands.

It's hard to think that an NBA player with the caliber of Hayward has no basketball shoe deal yet. Klay Thompson is signed with Anta, Dwyane Wade is with Li-Ning, Kevin Durant and LeBron James rock with Nike, Chris Paul and Kawhi Leonard are Jordan's bets, and James Harden is the face of Adidas.

If the Celtics can win it all, it would help boost the sale of shoes whatever brand the small forward signs with this offseason. Brands love winners and he could be signed to longer or even lifetime deals.

Hayward averaged 15.6 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 3.4 assists for his career, which reflect his all-around game. He has not been involved in off-court issues which make him an ideal shoe ambassador. Gordon Hayward could go the unorthodox way and sign with emerging brands such as Anta and New Balance and make it work just like how Stephen Curry did with Under Armour.