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Jason Williams lauds Kyrie Irving for having the best handles ever

Kyrie Irving, Celtics

Jason Williams, the sensation once known as “White Chocolate” that took the NBA by storm during his tenure with the Sacramento Kings had some high-level praise for Kyrie Irving, the heir apparent during today’s fast-paced NBA game. He’s now the latest to weigh in on Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving.

Williams was known for his creativity on the break, his dazzling speed, and his innate ability to chain moves off the dribble into spoon-fed baskets for his teammates, making him a fan favorite from the start.

Asked of who he thought had the best handles in today’s NBA, the 12-year veteran showed no hesitation.

“I’m gonna go with Kyrie,” said Williams.

Kyrie Irving is nowhere near as dynamic a passer as Williams was during his NBA tenure, but his handles are some of the most ankle-breaking the NBA has seen since Allen Iverson and Tim Hardaway, leaving defenders helpless after a chain of hesitations and crossover dribbles.

Here is a few he’s managed to pull off in only one season with the Boston Celtics. Take a look.

Nevertheless, receiving praise from one of the more dynamic and flashy handles/passers of all-time has to be a pretty good feeling for Irving, who is looking forward to a fully healthy NBA campaign in a few months.