The Boston Celtics could potentially offer two-time All-Star Jaylen Brown a gigantic contract extension, however, negotiations have once again been put on pause.

According to Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe, Brown, an NBPA vice president, is heading abroad for an organizational event and will not be discussing a potential deal then.

“It's unclear how long Brown will be gone, but there is expected to be a temporary pause in the negotiations during his absence,” an anonymous league source told Himmelsbach.

Although this initially would be cause for concern, a deal is still supposed to be on track. Rather than Brown giving the front office the cold shoulder, he's reportedly just honoring a scheduled commitment.

“The source stressed that Brown's departure is not related to any setback with the Celtics,” Himmelsbach wrote.

Since the 26-year-old made an All-NBA team this past season, he's eligible for a massive five-year, $295 million supermax contract. If an extension doesn't get done, Brown will become an unrestricted free agent next summer and the Celtics will risk losing him for nothing.

While some might wonder why a potential payday is being delayed, it's important to note that basketball isn't the sole focus for Brown this offseason. The NBPA's youngest-elected vice president was in Paris for Fashion Week and recently in Las Vegas to host a gifting suite during 2023 Summer League play.

Brown's life outside of basketball, whether it involves his activism or other passions, has always been fundamental to him. So, the fact that extension talks are getting pushed back further doesn't mean a deal is necessarily in jeopardy.

Yet, with another star probably not on the way for the Celtics, working with Brown to finalize a new contract should be a top priority for the front office.