Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown sent the NBA world into a frenzy last week after giving a noncommittal answer as to where he wants to play in the future. But for now, Brown is focused on getting the Celtics back to where they want to be: the NBA Finals.

In a January interview, the 26-year-old claimed that he just wants to be somewhere he's “needed” in the future, per The Ringer. While that got lots of Celtics fans worried, Brown relieved some tension when he told the media that he was feeling just fine after Tuesday night's victory over the Sacramento Kings.

I feel great,” Brown said, per Jay King of The Athletic. “Right now I’m focused on helping to lead my team for another playoff run. In terms of speculation, et cetera, I can’t speculate on anything above what I’m doing right now. I think sometimes when people write articles they get taken out of context especially when writers have their own agendas or whatever.”

Brown was then asked if he wanted to clear up some of the confusion that clouded those aforementioned articles. Although he opted not to clarify, he emphasized that he's locked into what the C's are doing right now.

“If I want to say something in the future about the kind of things that have been floating around I will,” Brown added. “Sometimes those things can get lost in translation, you know? So if I feel the need to do so I will. I keep constant communication with my teammates and my organization and we’ve gotta have everybody on board if we want to do what we say we want to do. So right now I’m focused on that.”

Since these comments, jaylen Brown has stayed true to his word. The Celtics won two straight games in blowout fashion, with last night's victory over the San Antonio Spurs featuring a 41-point night from JB. For his recent play, Brown was even named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week.

Of course, there is some room for concern about Brown's future in Beantown. He becomes a free agent following the 2023-24 NBA season and hasn't clearly stated that he wants to stay a Celtic when his contract is up. However, that's an issue for down the road, as like Brown said, the Celtics are more focused on winning right now than on contract extensions.

Regardless of where jaylen Brown ends up, this season is a great opportunity for Boston. The Green Team has already clinched a playoff berth and has the necessary talent to make some noise in the postseason. If Brown can play like he has recently, the C's have a real shot at making another deep playoff run.