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Celtics news: Jaylen Brown leaning toward Kyrie Irving’s flat-earth theory

Kyrie Irving hasn’t been a Boston Celtic for long, but he may already have a new recruit to Team Flat Earth on his new team.

In a video from ESPN’s Chris Forsberg, Jaylen Brown talked about his initial interactions with Irving, and it appears that the second-year swingman is on the fence on the whole flat-earth discussion but leaning towards the side of Irving.

There are two theories that come to mind as to why Brown is partially taking Kyrie’s side. The first one is that maybe there are a lot more flat earth truthers like Irving hiding in the woodwork in the NBA just waiting to be uncovered, and that Brown just so happens to be one of them. The second is that Brown is merely trying to curry favor with his new point guard in an effort to get some more touches next season.

If it is indeed the latter, then it is an ingenious move from the second-year pro to appeal to a topic near and dear to Irving’s heart. If not, though, then at least Irving has made a new friend within the Celtics who shares his unconventional beliefs.