Getting one's own signature shoe is a major tell that an NBA player has arrived as a bonafide superstar. This is especially the case when someone manages to do so with a major shoe brand such as Nike, Jordan, or adidas. Thus, it's no surprise to see Boston Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum flexing his hard-earned achievement every chance he gets.

On International Women's Day, Tatum honored his mother by wearing a special Jordan Tatum 1 pair inspired by his mother Brandy's favorite flower – the Calla Lily. Deservedly, Tatum even gave a special name to the special edition of the kicks he wore during the Celtics' 115-93 blowout win over the Portland Trail Blazers to snap their three-game losing skid.

“Mommas boy,” Tatum wrote on his official Twitter account.

It's no secret that Jayson Tatum and his mother Brandy Cole-Barnes share a special bond. Cole-Barnes had her fair share of challenges raising Tatum as a single mother. But she knew that her son will become a superstar in the future. As a result, she was able to give him the love and care he needed to become the player and person he is today.

While some would frown upon someone being a “momma's boy” at age 25, it's clear that Tatum is wearing that as a badge of honor, proud of the efforts and sacrifices his mother made for him.

One of Brandy Cole-Barnes' major life sacrifices include making a conscious decision to be a good mother despite being pregnant with Jayson Tatum at an earlier age than one might expect. In fact, she had him while she was still finishing up her education. But Cole-Barnes had a chip on her shoulder to raise a son who will end up being proud of her. And proud of her, he truly is.

On International Women's Day, it's important to recognize the countless sacrifices women make on a daily basis. Living in a patriarchal society means that the odds will be stacked against them more often than not. Thus, even simple gestures like the one Tatum pulled off on Wednesday night go a long way towards making women feel the love and support they need.