It's safe to say Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum isn't too happy about his NBA 2K20 rating.

In a video posted on the official NBA 2K20 Twitter account, Tatum said that he is expecting a higher rating this year. He was an 87 in NBA 2K19, and he thinks he deserves a better one this year because his numbers improved in 2018-19 — from 13.9 points and 5.0 rebounds to 15.7 markers and 5.2 boards.

However, Tatum's NBA 2K rating went down to 85 this year. Reacting to his rating, the 21-year-old forward said in jest that it was disrespectful. He then vowed that his rating will shoot up to at least 90 by the end of the year.

Furthermore, Tatum said that he will average more than 20 points in the 2019-20 NBA season. He also declared that he will become an All-Star and lead the Celtics to a championship. By doing so, he is expecting a much higher rating when the next iteration of the game comes out next year.

2K Sports recently announced the ratings of some NBA players in the game. LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard are on top at 97, while Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant and James Harden were rated 96. Stephen Curry is at 95, Anthony Davis is at 94, Paul George at 93, Damian Lillard at 92, and Joel Embiid at 91 to round up the top 10.