Jayson Tatum is getting set for his seventh season in the NBA with the Boston Celtics, and once again, him and his team have high expectations for the season. In recent years, the Celtics have been a consistent contender, but they haven't been able to get the job done yet. After some big offseason contract moves, Celtics fans believe that this could be the year. Tatum recently appeared on Kevin Hart's YouTube show, and they discussed a lot about this upcoming season, including potential teams that could get in Boston's way. Hart is a big fan of the Philadelphia 76ers, and when he mentioned them as a threat, Tatum gave simple response.

Do they?” Jayson Tatum said in response to Kevin Hart saying the 76ers stood in the Celtic's way.

Tatum knows about Hart's support for Philadelphia, and he knows that he occasionally meets with the team. Tatum gave Hart a message to relay to them.

“You tell them, ‘Good luck next time,'” Tatum said.

Jayson Tatum is very familiar with playing the 76ers in the postseason. He is 3-0 against Philadelphia in the playoffs with the Celtics, and last season, he was the difference in game seven between the two teams. He dropped 51 points in that one and advanced the Celtics into the next round. At this point, Tatum can talk as much as he wants when it comes to the 76ers.

The NBA preseason gets going in just a couple of weeks. Everybody is expecting big things from the Celtics, and it is sure to be another exciting season in Boston.