The 2021 NBA Playoffs have largely been overshadowed by an unfortunate rash of fan incidents. The latest incident occurred on Sunday during Game 4 with the Brooklyn Nets facing the Boston Celtics at TD Garden. Nets guard Kyrie Irving got a water bottle thrown at his head as he was leaving court. Before that, Irving stepped on the Celtics logo, perhaps angering the fans in the process. Former Celtics great Kendrick Perkins fired back at the fans and gladly took Irving's side on the matter that has swirled the internet since the game ended.

Let them know, Perk. There is no place in sports for fan behaviour as we have seen lately. Nets teammates Kevin Durant and others spoke out and addressed their displeasure with the incident as well as the other incidents going on around the NBA.

Some had an issue with Kyrie stomping on the famous leprechaun, but Kendrick Perkins said there's still no reason to throw anything at anybody. The issues surrounding the NBA have been a huge concern, and it's even worse after last year's playoffs were held in the Orlando Bubble and without fans.

The fan that threw the bottle ultimately got arrested and banned for life, but there needs to be some tightening up across the league.