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Kevin Garnett posts image of 2008 title on Ray Allen’s Hall of Fame induction night

Kevin Garnett

Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett had a lot of success together on the court together for the Boston Celtics including winning an NBA title together. Since that point though it’s only been drama between Allen, Garnett, and some of his other former Celtics teammates and it has been a very public feud.

On the night that Ray Allen was inducted to the Hall of Fame, Kevin Garnett seemed to put the feud to the side, at least for one night and posted a picture of the Celtics winning the 2008 NBA title.

Garnett didn’t actually congratulate Allen on the making the Hall of Fame but it appears in a roundabout way that is what he is doing. Allen was asked by Rachel Nichols of ESPN in an interview before the Hall of Fame ceremonies if he had heard from Garnett and Allen said he hasn’t.

“What can you do?” Allen said via The New York Post. “I love all the guys I played with in Boston. I loved all my teammates. All we can do is move forward and just take the people who want to be in your life and make a better life with them. … It’s been water under the bridge for me. It’s always been that way.”

Allen admits that the feud does hurt but he is just trying to move on and enjoy the time with the people who want to be in his life.

“It’s bothered me,” Allen said. “I’ve always hated to have any ill will or any animosity in the airwaves, but I’m not throwing it out there. I’m just happy to be moving forward. And the people who love me, they tell me on a daily basis, and I tell them. So that’s all I can concern myself with.”

Maybe this Celtics beef is close to an ending?