Denver Nuggets veteran forward Jeff Green is nicknamed Uncle Jeff for a reason, as he utilizes his experience not only to his personal benefit but also to help guide a close-knit young team that's made it farther in the NBA Playoffs than they've ever been.

Outside of starting guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Green — who lost in the 2017 NBA Finals as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers — is the only current Nuggets player to have Finals experience. However, where Green and the Cavs lost to the Golden State Warriors, Caldwell-Pope and the Los Angeles Lakers were able to win the championship in 2020.

Consequently, they both offer an irreplicable perspective on the mountain that Denver must now climb.

Speaking to reporters prior to Game 2 of the 2023 NBA Finals, Green discusses the importance of vocal leadership, saying “I've had vets — I had vets, especially when I was in [Boston] I had [Kevin Garnett], who was very vocal.”

“When I was with Boston, I didn't talk much, I was very quiet. But now, I can't stop talking, so I guess to a small extent, I'm like [Kevin Garnett]. I think being vocal is big.”

I think that's something a player should get comfortable with when they're young. Unfortunately, I didn't get comfortable with that until I got older. Letting my voice be heard on things that I see. He used to tell me all the time, ‘you gotta speak up. You gotta talk. You gotta talk!’”

NBA legend Kevin Garnett, appreciating the shoutout, would reply to his former teammate on Twitter.

“Go get you one,” the Hall of Famer writes, showing love to both Green and the increasingly popular Nuggets in the process.