Celtics news: Paul Pierce doesn't think Kyrie Irving can be the best player on a title team
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Former Celtics star Paul Pierce doesn’t think Kyrie Irving can be the best player on a title team

Paul Pierce, Kyrie Irving, Celtics

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce had some scathing words for Kyrie Irving, saying that the All-Star point guard is not capable of being the best player on a championship team.

Pierce’s comments came after the Celtics’ embarrassing loss to the Houston Rockets, 115-104. Though it was just an 11-point lead at the end of regulation, during the game, the Rockets actually stretched the lead to as much as 28 points.

Perhaps, the worst part was when Kyrie Irving received some boos from the Boston crowd. Though the 26-year-old finished with 24 points, nine rebounds, and six assists, the crowd was not satisfied as the team did not get a win. The game wasn’t even an exciting one.

Many are wondering what happened to this year’s version of the Celtics. They were spectacular last year despite being shorthanded. Now, with their veterans complete and their young guns loaded with experience, shouldn’t they be at the top of the standings?

This may be the root of Paul Pierce’s claims. Every good team has a leader. And the main reason why Irving signed with the Celtics two years ago was to have his own team. But yet here they are, now a favorite target of critics and analysts for their poor performance and seeming lack of leadership.

The Celtics are currently fifth in the East with a 38-26 record. They have lost seven of the last 10 games, casting doubts on how they’ll fair in the playoffs.

Will Uncle Drew flip the switch like he usually does come the postseason? Or is it too late to turn things around for the struggling Celtics squad?