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Celtics news: Paul Pierce gets horrible wax figure in Boston museum

Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce will put an end to his 19-year NBA career and will do so as a member of the Boston Celtics after signing a one-day contract to retire as one. But he surely won’t want to do it the way Dreamland Wax Museum in Boston chose to honor him.

The statue resembles a created player in NBA 2K with a photo of Paul Pierce taken through the face recognition feature at an angle.

Everything from his thick calves, to his chubbier bust to the slight downward curve on his wider nose — all of these key features are missing from the wax figure, making it the Cristiano Ronaldo of NBA likenesses.

While this was likely coming from a good place in hopes to honor the Celtics’ icon, it definitely did a disservice as far as accuracy is concerned.

Good thing that wax melts…