Paul Pierce has taken a (seemingly) light-hearted jab at former teammate Ray Allen for leaving the Boston Celtics for the Miami Heat back in 2012. Of course, with those two sides in the midst of an extraordinary series and with Game 7 to decide it on Monday, he could be forgiven for having a foot in both camps given he won a championship with each of them.

Pierce is well aware of that fact. After posting “Celtics in 7 lfg”, a fellow Instagram user suggested getting “KG and Ray to the Garden,” to which Pierce responded “not sure who Ray would be pulling for.”

It's no secret that Ray Allen's decision to leave the Celtics for the Heat wasn't particularly popular with his former teammates. He famously went on to play a pretty significant part in Miami's second consecutive title in his first year there, so presumably he's reasonably comfortable with the decision. But for years there appeared to be some collateral damage in the form of his relationships with the likes of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

Last year, however, those rumors were watered down, with Allen claiming that there was no beef between he and his former Celtics teammates, while his invitation to Garnett's retirement ceremony also put paid to the idea that the riff between them was still alive and kicking.

Ten years on from Allen's move, it does seem as though any bad blood has well and truly washed away. Pierce's post, however, is a not so subtle reminder that while it may be forgiven, it certainly isn't forgotten.