Celtics news: Robert Williams might start gluing his wallet to his phone
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Robert Williams might start gluing his wallet to his phone

Robert Williams, Celtics

Boston Celtics rookie Robert Williams has had a rough start to his NBA career, already with a couple of mishaps only a weeks into his pro stint.

On Friday, before the Celtics started practicing for the Summer League, Williams gave his introductory press conference, did some workouts with the coaches, and participated in a charity event before flying back to College Station, Texas as the staffers were looking for his wallet.

The big man realized he had left it at the hotel and the staffers were able to retrieve it in time for the charity event.

Only a day later, Williams was preparing to leave College Station for a flight back to Boston, only to realize his wallet was missing yet again.

Coming to his senses, he remembered where it was, as his former Texas A&M teammate D.J. Hogg had it — but Hogg was already back in Dallas, nearly three hours away.

“I was like, ‘Yo bro, I can’t get my wallet. D.J., send me my wallet,'” Williams said, according to Tom Westerholm of MassLive.

Hogg had told Williams that overnight shipping would be too expensive.

“I was like ‘Bro, you have money bro,'” Williams said. “But he just brought it out here (to Las Vegas).”

Williams infamously missed his flight for his first Summer League appearance, which had a stir of its own with Celtics management.

Hogg; who is playing in the Summer League with the New Orleans Pelicans, suggested his former teammate might have missed his flight because of issues with TSA due to not having his wallet.

“It was like almost morning, close to the flight, just getting everything ready, putting everything by the door, and I’m like ‘(Expletive), I ain’t got my ID,'” Williams said. “I’m like, ‘Cool, they’ll let me through.’ I kept telling myself that. And then a couple of my homeboys was like ‘Bro, like, that (expletive) is gonna be tough. They’re not gonna just let you through.’ But I got through.”

Two times in back-to-back days suggests there is something wrong with Williams’ habits, but at least the rookie is open to some change.

“I got to start gluing it to my phone or something,” he said, as unorthodox as it might be.