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Celtics rookie Tacko Fall taking initiative to ‘clean’ recruitment process of Africans to US

Celtics, Tacko Fall

For Africans who have successfully made it to the NBA, everything is good and well. But for those who made the terrifying leap but failed, somehow more misfortunes come their way. Boston Celtics big man Tacko Fall wants to fix this problem.

Fall appeared in 60 Minutes where he discussed his intent to “clean” the recruitment process of Africans to the US.

Host Jon Wertheim asked him what he’s heard what his fellow Africans have gone thru after failing to make it to the NBA. According to the Celtics big man, some of them have been “left on their own” after being “taken advantage of.” While the situation is getting better, Fall wants to help further.

“Yes, I have. I have. [A]nd this is something that we have to fight, you know, a lot,” Tacko Fall said when asked if he heard the mistreatment and rough times his fellow countrymen encountered, (as transcribed by Keith Zubrov of CBS News)

“We, as Africans, you just can’t allow your kin to be treated unfairly. [There’s] been many times where I feel like some people have been taken advantage of …they bring them here, then that’s it. Then they’re just left for their own. And if things don’t work out, then they are pretty much screwed. It’s getting better. I feel like now that they know what’s going on, people are being more careful… especially now with the NBA being involved. And it’s only gonna keep getting better.”

Fall’s statements shed light on the dark side of the athletic recruitment process in the USA. For some, making it to the NBA is not just a lofty ambition but their way out of poverty.

With that said, it is unfortunate that some get burned for chasing after this dream. But with the Celtics rookie now actively entering the fold, everyone is hoping that a viable solution will soon come to fruition.