Celtics news: Tracy McGrady hails Boston as the East's Warriors
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Tracy McGrady hails Celtics as the East’s ‘Golden State’

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics surprised a lot of people with their play this season. Coming into the year, the team was faced with lofty expectations, but when Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving these expectations changed.

Although it hurt this season having those two guys out, it might actually be best for the long-term success of this team.

Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady doesn’t just think that the Celtics are going to be good for years to come. He thinks they could be the Golden State Warriors of the Eastern Conference.

“This team is going to be the Golden State of the East,” the McGrady said on ESPN’s The Jump with Rachel Nichols. “They’re so deep. Even if they lose Marcus Smart, like, I’m trying to figure out their lineup for next year because either [Jayson] Tatum or [Jaylen] Brown is going to go to the bench.”

The Celtics already have Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Al Horford, Hayward, and Irving, and if they all stay healthy that very well could be the second best starting lineup in the NBA next year, behind the Warriors. McGrady said because the team is so deep, each guy is only going to be able to play 30-35 minutes a game.

“Their bench is going to be so deep,” McGrady said. “I’m like, ‘He is going to have to coach these guys like Pop coached San Antonio Spurs, where you have just so much talent.’ I look for these guys to play no more than 30, 35 minutes a night. That’s how he’s going to have to juggle these guys, keep them fresh. They are going to be a serious problem in the Eastern Conference.”

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Warriors are about to kick off their fourth finals in a row. But maybe next year, it will be the Celtics and the Warriors who will start their own streak of NBA Finals played in a row.