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Video: Bill Russell playfully flips off on Vince Carter

Bill Russell, Celtics

NBA legend Bill Russell raised his middle finger to Vince Carter while the Boston Celtics great was sitting courtside during a Summer League match, reenacting his antic on Charles Barkley weeks ago.

Russell was alongside Sacramento Kings general manager Vlade Diva. Carter, a few seats away, greeted them. All of a sudden, The NBA Hall of Famer decided to flip him off. Below is the clip as posted by Lina Washington of ABC 10.

The moment was reminiscent of Russell’s antics with Charles Barkley a few weeks ago. The main difference: Russell was caught on live TV. The 84-year-old apologized quickly via Twitter, saying that it was just pure instinct:

Russell’s fans said that he need not apologize. Ever. One even said that winning 11 rings allows you to behave in such a way.

It seems odd and downright funny that an 84-year-old would casually flip the bird. This, however, is not the first or second time that Russell’s middle finger was caught on camera. A post by Chauncey Billups last February shows him and Russell posing for the camera.

Maybe back in his playing days, Russell’s middle finger was more active? Who knows? This certainly has become a trademark for him. Some may call it crass or unacceptable. But the guy has 11 championship rings and was a major social activist. Can’t he do whatever he pleases?