The NBA championship matters to an NBA player like Enes Kanter of the Boston Celtics. However, he cannot deny that he would also love having a solid rating on NBA 2K.

The yearly video game franchise is played by fans and players alike. Players usually see their ratings as a reflection of their efforts during the previous season.

Now that the video game is out, the initial ratings for every NBA player is now out. Kanter got a decent rating, but his dunk rating leaves a lot to be desired.

He shared on his Twitter page the video that had him guest on an NBC Sports Boston show. The center was amazed by how low the rating is, and only mouthed “That's messed up” over and over again.

His dunk rating in 2K was a low 58. This means that they don't see Kanter as a voracious dunker that rattles the rim with his dunks. However, the Celtics center begs to disagree.

Footage of him dunking over his years as a pro also makes a case for him.

If there's one positive that can be taken from his 2K rating, is that his three-point rating is at 71. This means that the Turkish big man can shoot a three-pointer that opposing big men would be coerced to come out of the paint.

He may have a chance to improve his dunk rating by playing with the Celtics. He will be expected to play extended minutes at the five spot a. He should be able to clash with the NBA's best big men and throw down some mean dunks.