Celtics video: Enes Kanter posts hilarious virus-proof playing attire
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Video: Enes Kanter posts about playing with hilarious virus-proof attire

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Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter has been repeatedly trying to find some levity amid the panic over the COVID-19 pandemic.

On March 9, he posted this hilarious poem to remind folks to wash their hands.

Then, before what would end up as the Celtics’ final contest before the suspension on Tuesday, Kanter wrote “WASH YOUR HANDS” on his game shoes.

Clearly, Kanter still hadn’t had enough of the “wash your hands” jokes. He shared this Terminator GIF a couple of days later.

On Friday, Kanter doled out even more advice on cleaning those hands.

On Saturday, the Celtics big man posted a video of two players hooping 1-on-1 in full hazmat suits, set to the classic NBA on ESPN/ABC theme music. In the clip, one of the players hits a step-back jumper and celebrates by releasing some kind of disinfectant spray.

It’s unclear if Kanter is one of the players in the video or it the clip was a repost—both the man’s face and his step-back three-ball do not particularly resemble his qualities. Either way, the bucket is smooth.

Be the judge:

The NBA is suspended for at least a month as the world collectively pauses to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. Kanter has a history of making light and being generally outspoken about political issues, current events, and social causes—often on social media—so it’s a safe bet that he will continue to look for some humor and mildly amusing content amid a tricky situation.