Christopher Eubanks takes on Jannik Sinner at the French Open. Our French Open odds series has our Eubanks Sinner prediction and pick. Find out how to watch Eubanks Sinner.

The 2024 French Open will be markedly different from most of the past 20 French Opens. For nearly 20 years, Rafael Nadal was the clear favorite in France, with Novak Djokovic being the second favorite or co-favorite for most of the past decade. Roughly 15 years ago, Roger Federer was the second choice behind Nadal. The Big Three lorded themselves over the rest of the men's tour, and Paris was a place where a Nadal-Djokovic or Nadal-Federer battle frequently occurred. This year, everything is different, and part of the reality is that the top men's tennis players in 2024 have fitness concerns to deal with.

Djokovic got hit by a bottle at the Rome ATP Tour stop. Carlos Alcaraz has an arm injury. Jannik Sinner, the Australian Open champion, is dealing with a hip problem. The hip is an important body part for a tennis player, since it affects the torque and power of the body as it moves through the process of hitting a shot. Putting the body in position to hit the ball cleanly, and then actually completing the act of striking the ball, requires fluid and comfortable hip movements. Sinner could not play in Rome in front of his adoring Italian fans. That's how significant his hip injury was. He had enough time to come to Paris and play, but how fit Sinner is remains open for discussion and debate. Sinner was playing really well when the injury hit. He didn't lose form; he has simply been sidelined and might not be able to build back his game in time to be a contender in Paris.

Here are the Christopher Eubanks-Jannik Sinner French Open odds, courtesy of FanDuel. 

French Open Odds: Christopher Eubanks-Jannik Sinner Odds

Game spread

Eubanks +8.5: -122
Sinner -8.5: +110

Money line

Eubanks: +1600
Sinner: -4500

To win first set

Eubanks: +520
Sinner: -800

Total Games In Match

Over 29.5: -122
Under 29.5: -110

Eubanks over 10.5 games: -132
Eubanks under 10.5 games: -102

Sinner over 18.5 games: -172
Sinner under 18.5 games: -126

How To Watch Christopher Eubanks vs Jannik Sinner

TV: Tennis Channel

Stream: Tennis Channel Plus

Time: 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT

*Watch Christopher Eubanks vs Jannik Sinner LIVE on fuboTV (click for a free trial)*

Why Christopher Eubanks Could Cover The Spread

The spread of 8.5 games for this match means that if Eubanks can lose two sets by two games apiece, he will almost certainly cover. If Eubanks loses two separate sets by just two games — 6-4 or 7-5 — he could lose a third set by four games and still cover the spread. If Eubanks loses this match 6-4, 6-4, 6-2, he would cover the spread. Sinner would win 18 games, Eubanks 10. That's an eight-game difference. Eubanks also has another path to covering the spread: If he loses one set by two games, he would still cover if he loses the other two sets by no more than three games apiece. If Sinner wins 6-3, 6-3, 6-4, that's still 18 games to 10.

Given that Sinner's health and overall readiness for Roland Garros are in question, Eubanks can probably keep most of the sets close enough to cover.

Why Jannik Sinner Could Cover The Spread

Eubanks had a fantastic Wimbledon last year, and his game is suited to grass. It's not fit for clay. Sinner can take Eubanks apart on red dirt and score the blowout needed to cover the spread.

Final Christopher Eubanks-Jannik Sinner Prediction & Pick

Eubanks is a fast-court player, not a clay player, but Sinner's health makes Eubanks a very strong choice against the spread.

Final Christopher Eubanks-Jannik Sinner Prediction & Pick: Eubanks +8.5 games