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North Carolina State Wolfpack offer scholarship to 5-star Josh Hall

Josh Hall, North Carolina State Wolfpack, college basketball news, recruiting

Josh Hall, a four/five-star hybrid prospect out of the 2020 college basketball recruiting class, has been offered a scholarship by the North Carolina State Wolfpack.

This news was relayed to the masses on the mean streets of Twitter by Rivals and Stockrisers reporter Jake Weingarten.

There’s a reason we call Hall a hybrid in terms of his star ratings.

While Weingarten refers to the young man as a five-star without any caveats, most reputable recruiting service outlets do not agree with that assessment — or, at least not yet.

Not only do all reputable recruiting service outlets have Josh Hall pegged as a four-star caliber player, but most tend to agree he’s one of the 40 (or so) best players in the entire 2020 class.

Boiling it down a bit, guys usually reserve the five-star tag when in the middle or top twenties or so in outlets’ top 100 boards.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t really matter, as the North Carolina State Wolfpack would like Hall to play college basketball for them.

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