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College Football, 2020

The hilarious way 2020 has actually improved college football

The 2020 college football season is going through some growing pains nearly every other sport is facing due to the global pandemic.

Due to the unforeseen situation, the ability for star players to opt-out throughout the 2020 college football season has added some flair to news cycles, even making an impact on several teams.

On the daily Locked On NFL Draft podcast, Trevor Sikkema and Benjamin Solak discuss the change and how they want it to become the norm for college football seasons moving forward; not just limiting it to 2020.

Solak: How awesome is it that this year, we have an actual official litmus test, you know, limiting point, at which you fully know that a team’s star player is leaving the (college football) season.

Sikkema: That’s Terrace Marshall and Sterns.

Solak: Exactly. They are like I’m not doing this Tom Herman. I am not playing in this game anymore. I am done. We just lost to the Cyclones. I am gone. We should keep opt-outs in every year so that way, like Asante Samuel opting out, Rashad Bateman opted out when he was like looking at the COVID in Minnesota and was like I am not doing this anymore. Then you fast forward three weeks and Minnesota has not played a game. The (college football) players know and the opt-outs are crazy. With the opt-out functionality in place, it’s just very funny to me to see Caden Stern opt-out right after Texas has a potential job ending loss for Tom Herman.