Deion Sanders' son, Shilo, is in the midst of drama during the offseason. The Colorado football team's starting safety is reportedly facing some NIL drama after surprisingly filing for bankruptcy.

The word is that Shilo Sanders filed for bankruptcy after a Texas court judgment proclaimed that a former high school security guard is due $11.89 million for an incident that took place in 2015, per Catie Cheshire of Westword.

“University of Colorado football player Shilo Sanders, son of CU head coach Deion Sanders, filed a bankruptcy proceeding to avoid a Texas court judgment against him in favor of a former high school security guard in the amount of $11.89 million.”

The security officer, John Darjean, worked at the high school Shilo Sanders was attending at the time. The alleged incident between Darjean and Sanders all began when Sanders was acting out in class. It led to a physical altercation between the two after Deion Sanders allegedly requested for John Darjean to collect Shilo's phone.

“John Darjean was a security officer at Focus Academies in Dallas, Texas, where Shilo attended the Focus Academies high school Triple A Academy. According to legal documents obtained by Westword, in 2015 Shilo allegedly attacked Darjean while Darjean was executing a disciplinary action against Shilo after he was being disruptive in class.”

Darjean filed a lawsuit after the now Colorado football star allegedly “slammed” his elbow into Darjeann's chest. Shilo Sanders allegedly continued to hit John Darjean after he fell. Reports indicate that Darjean was taken to a hospital with “severe and permanent injuries.”

“Darjean filed a lawsuit in Dallas District Court in 2016 as he had ‘sustained severe and permanent injuries including a broken neck, damage to his cervical spine, permanent neurological injuries and irreversible incontinence,' according to his January 2024 filing.”

Eventually, Shilo Sanders and his attorneys claimed he acted in self defense. This is an ongoing legal battle and as of now there is no telling how long it will last, or what the verdict will be.

Colorado football's 2024 season outlook

Deion Sanders
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado football was the center of the spotlight after hiring Deion Sanders as head coach. The team played well early in the season but they failed to end with a winning season. Now, the program hopes to improve and at least make a bid for a bowl game.

The Buffaloes have lost several key players through the portal but they've also acquired some key players as well. Additionally, many believe that Shedeur Sanders can elevate his level of play and push this Colorado football further and beyond.

It'll be a tough for the Buffaloes though as they're now playing in a loaded Big 12 conference. It'd be awesome to see Colorado football make a crazy run to a playoff spot. However, it's more likely they finish with six-seven wins and participate in a bowl game.