Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder has been in hot water for a while. And things are now at a tipping point with new revelations on sexual assault/harassment coming into the public sphere. Additionally, Snyder reportedly conducted a “shadow investigation” and tried to pass blame on workplace issues. Washington Post NFL reporter Mark Maske shared a Tweet highlighting the most recent news on Snyder and the Commanders. 

New: Daniel Snyder and his representatives conducted a “shadow investigation,” created a dossier and tried to blame workplace issues on Bruce Allen, according to the House Oversight Committee's investigation.

This is obviously not a good look for the Commanders owner.

The Washington Post recently obtained documents detailing sexual harassment charges against Snyder dating back to 2009. According to the Washington Post, a woman accused Snyder of asking for sex, groping, and more. Snyder has since denied the women's accusations. However, the Post also reports that the woman and Snyder came to a settlement.

Nonetheless, Dan Snyder's alleged actions cast a black cloud over the Commanders organization as a whole.

In addition to the sexual harassment/assault allegations, Snyder attempted to blame workplace issues on Bruce Allen. Allen was an executive for the Commanders from 2009-2019.

There have been numerous reports of issues in the Washington Commanders organization for years now. Whether Snyder, Allen, or anyone else is to blame, this is a franchise that seemingly needs new ownership. Trying to build a winning culture while consistently being in the news for various problematic issues is quite the distraction.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will testify later today, per Boston Globe NFL writer Ben Volin. Volin also reports that Snyder declined to testify. This isn't the first time in which Snyder has failed to appear for a hearing.