Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will be home alone managing all the decisions surrounding the draft on his own according to Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Jones and his son, Stephen, only live a few miles away from each other, but they will be adhering by NFL rules that state each front-office member must be doing the draft from their own home.

Stephen Jones has talked his dad out of a few bad draft-day decisions before, but virtually that might be a little harder. In 2014, Jerry Jones was talked out of selecting Johnny Manziel and instead selected Notre Dame guard Zack Martin.

“One of the things I’m not going to miss is when I came out of those draft rooms over the weekend, my old shins used to have big old bruises on them,” Jerry Jones joked recently. “That was from Stephen kicking me under the table for three straight days relative to some of our decision-making. I think I’m going to kind of miss that physical punching that goes on as we’re conducting this draft.”

Even though everyone is separated, Stephen Jones is confident there will still be great lines of communication between everyone involved. He also said that most of the time there is a consensus on who to take, but if there isn't, that's then when Jerry Jones makes the final call.

“But we’re working really hard, trying to build a consensus not only with our overall board, but ultimately getting to a point where we’ll have a consensus when it’s either our time to make a trade, move back or move up or pick a player,” Stephen Jones said.

The Cowboys own the 17th pick in the NFL draft. Who will be making the final call on Thursday night?